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Any RPT's stage is a peculiar "marathon" of poker and entertainment. During the days that the series is running, guests have time to fully enjoy their favorite game at the largest poker tournaments in CIS, while participating in a host of entertainment from the organizers, which are available to all RPT participants absolutely free of charge. In order to get access to all kinds of entertainment, it's enough to play any tournament or satellite from the schedule.

RPT Legend Party

The party is a great way to get energized with fun for all the days of the poker series. This marathon was created especially for the RPT's guests in Minsk. RPT Party always takes place near the sunset of the series at the best nightclubs.

Karaoke battle

Karaoke party, accompanied by your favorite songs in a friendly atmosphere. During the daily tournaments players usually make poker faces but at the nighttime they transform to super stars and dancing and singing all night long.

Mafia Championship

What poker player doesn't play Mafia? A fun game with the same bluffs, the same poker faces, only without straights, flushes and full houses.

Playstation 5 Championship

Joystick battle just right when you need to relax after hours of poker battles. Triumphants and participants in cyber battles always get valuable and memorable prizes.

Carting, quad bikes and outdoor activities

Drive racing bolides and much positive emotions for those who like fast driving.
Russian Poker Tour is a combination of many unique tournaments with the best entertainment, as well as a lot of other surprises and gifts. We like such a "mix" of poker and entertainment and our guests fully agree with us. Try it with RPT and you'll see.