From June 8 to June 18 Minsk will host the largest poker event of the Russian Poker Tour.

RUSSIAN POKER TOUR in Minsk supported by Grompoker
June 8-18, Belarus, Minsk, guarantee - $600,000.
5* hotel "Beijing", casino "Opera". TV broadcast, without 13% taxes.
The biggest poker event in Belarus, big prizes, best entertainment.
Well, friends, are you ready to part 2?

Over $900,000 of prize money played - the previous stage of the RPT in Minsk shattered all our expectations with an endless wave of players. From the very start of the April series, the tournament platform of the Opera casino was filled to overflowing with participants, it was the most massive stage of the Russian Poker Tour in recent years! Record prize money and tournament entry numbers, bright and diverse lineups, a lot of action and emotions at the tables, new names and new winners.
Minsk is ready to play a lot, they are ready to go to Minsk to play from anywhere! We took into account all the shortcomings of the previous stage and made the necessary adjustments to the schedule of the upcoming June series to make the RPT summer stage just perfect. Here is the announcement of the big 11-DAY RUSSIAN POKER TOUR in MINSK: an updated schedule, improved tournament structures, your favorite free entertainment and nightclub parties, as well as many opportunities to qualify through online satellites.

Important changes based on the recommendations of our guests, which will be introduced already from the June series:
- We have agreed with the Opera casino to increase the poker zone, slots will be removed, in their place there will be a cash zone with new large tables of increased comfort. This will allow you to place more tables in the hall and increase the distance between them, making the game more comfortable. Which in turn will allow holding the main tournaments in 9 max format.
- The winners of the online satellites to the Main Event of the series will be able to choose which of the starting days to join the game.
- Online satellites with packages (buy-in, accommodation, money for expenses) will return, it will be possible to win a package from the freeroll.
- The X Event tournament will be held in the classic bounty format even before the start of the Main
- SafePoker Mystery Bounty Tournament stacks this time will not be Stack+, i.e. stacks will not be summed up.

The result of the April RPT series in Minsk was almost a MILLION DOLLARS of prize money. For a long time, RPT did not visit Belarus, everyone got bored so much that in the end it turned the previous series into one of the most hype. Even before the publication of this announcement, we have already received a lot of questions about our future meeting. As you know, we planned to hold the next stage in June in Armenia, but the price tag for air travel has become so biting that not all players will be comfortable flying to Yerevan at such prices.

Therefore, the future stage of the RPT will again take place in Minsk, the series will take place in the best possible place - the Opera casino, located in the luxurious Beijing Hotel with the best possible price tag for accommodation and service. The series schedule will be backed by a $600,000 guarantee, but the prize money will be much higher. With our schedule adjustments and bug fixes following the end of the streak in April, we expect June prize pools to be closer to $1,000,000.

Right now, you can feel the atmosphere of the RPT by going to the Russian Poker Tour Instagram account in the stories section. There are a lot of interesting materials, many of which remain behind the scenes.


At the upcoming RPT Minsk, the guarantee in tournaments will be $600,000. Look at the schedule of our series, we believe that poker tournaments should be accessible to both a wide range of players and have impressive prizes. We try to combine the right balance of one-day and multi-day, progressive knockouts and regular tournaments, with deep structure and turbocharged - this is our goal. It is worth adding that the organizers do not withhold 13% tax, you get your prize money in full.

Smooth structures, no imbalance in payments. In April, almost all tournaments updated their records, in June we expect a second influx. The Main Event will remain the same democratic - $550 buy-in, about $50,000 will go to the winner live and under the gun of a TV broadcast.


Minsk missed the big poker, the record-breaking series in April is proof of that. During the year of holding the RPT stages in Tsaghkadzor and Yerevan, many Armenians fell in love with the RPT series tournaments so much that they will continue to conquer the tournament peaks in Minsk with pleasure. By the way, a player from Armenia won the main in April!

The attention and excitement for the future series will again be huge, we have made a cool and busy tournament schedule. But we are not going to stop at poker alone, and within the framework of the series we will again hold several coolest parties at once in the best nightclubs and karaoke bars of the capital. It will not do without your favorite championships in karting and FIFA. And you know how we love and know how to have fun.


In the case of RPT, Minsk is an ideal balance in terms of costs. Prices for flights to Minsk from many cities of the CIS are now at the lowest level for the entire time of observation, so a round-trip ticket from Moscow costs about $100, the same situation with many Russian cities. The fast train "Lastochka" is even cheaper. If earlier guests preferred to travel by car to save money, now you can safely choose a plane, it will be cheaper.

Living expenses in Minsk are also low. Luxury 5* hotel at the venue - $80 for two. 4* hotel within walking distance - $43. A huge number of apartments nearby from $20 is an excellent choice for large companies, a taxi in Minsk is quite inexpensive. Food prices are also quite low, the menu at the tournament site will become even more affordable, and prices in cafes and restaurants are two to three times cheaper than in Moscow.


❤️Summer in Minsk is the perfect time for series, the weather in the capital is as comfortable as possible, and the average temperature reaches +25 degrees. A trip to a poker series is a great break and reset for most of our guests. What to see, where to go, who to meet, where to walk and have fun is an equally important issue for many, especially for amateur players for whom poker is not a way to earn money.

Minsk is ideally suited for such guests, here you will find parks and museums, karaoke, nightclubs, a sea of beautiful girls, new acquaintances and adventures, all this is close to large-scale tournaments, there is where to go and where to get distracted. Our guests come not only for great poker tournaments, but also for a good rest and breakaway, and this is guaranteed. Add to that the branded RPT entertainment, which this time will be even more. What to expect: several parties for the players at once (party in a nightclub and a separate karaoke battle, a mafia tournament, an adrenaline karting tournament, a fun FIFA tournament on the Playstation and much more). RPT Minsk is an ideal place for poker holidays and entertainment.
1️⃣ RPT MAIN EVENT $135/$550. $140,000 guaranteed.
15.000/75.000 stack, 20, 35, 40 and 45 minute levels.

Immediately $140,000 guaranteed prize money in the main and the same format accessible to many. In Stage A, Stage B and Stage C for $135, participants play up to 20% of the total number of participants and go directly to the main Day 1A while keeping their stacks. Stacks in stages are not merged! Thanks to this format, more amateurs can take part in the Main Event. Online satellites will take place directly on Day 1A with an entry fee of $550.

The winner of the Main tournament in April was a player from Armenia - Tigran Piloyan. The champion was entitled to a payout of $50,000, and with the deal at the final table, Tigran received almost $30,000. The future main in June will become even bigger.

2️⃣ OPERA HIGHROLLERS СUP $210/$880. $50,000 guarantee.
Stack 15.000/75.000, 30 and 40 minute levels.

High rollers are an integral part of the tournament bracket, which this time became the second most expensive event, losing the palm to the X Knockout Event. You can take part through the Stage with an affordable $210 buy-in for those who find entry to the main day too heavy. Players in the stage receive 15,000 chips and play up to 20% of the total number of entries, after which they go to the main Day 1 with the collected stacks. High rollers will take place at the junction with the main, you can take part in both tournaments without fear of intersections.

In High Rollers, there is always a five-figure amount for a victory, for example, Igor Falkovsky in a similar tournament in April earned $25,000 in prize money.

3️⃣ X KNOCKOUT EVENT $215/$700+200. $35,000 guaranteed.
Stack 15.000/75.000, 30 minute levels.

That's right, this is the most expensive tournament of the series. By analogy with the High Rollers, Stage 1 will have a democratic buy-in of $215. All stage participants receive 15,000 chips at the start and play up to 20% of the total number of entries, after which they move on to the main Day 1 of the X Knockout Event tournament with the collected stacks. On the final day, the first four levels will be available for late registration.

The main feature of the tournament is that this time it will be held in the format of classic knockouts. Timur Vardanyan last time took the top 1 of a similar tournament in Minsk, winning more than $16,000 in prize money.

4️⃣ SAFEPOKER MYSTERY BOUNTY EVENT $220, $280 or $360. $50,000 guarantee.
20.000/30.000/50.000 stack, 25 and 30 minute levels.

For the umpteenth time, the RPT will host a tournament in the exciting Mystery Bounty format. You can take part in any of the three entrance days, all the action will begin during the final day. On Day 1A for $100+120 players get 20,000 chips and advance to pooled Day 2 with their stack, on Day 1B for $120+160 the starting stack will be 30,000, on the pooled day itself with a buy-in of $140+220 players get a stack of 50,000 chips. Attention! This time the stacks of input days are not summed up!

Roman Stoica became the champion of a similar tournament last time, he earned $13,330 including full bounties. The top mystery bounty in the tournament then amounted to $10,000, and the player who pulled it out took 2nd place in the tournament and earned a total of $19,000 in prize money.

5️⃣ SUPERKNOCKOUT PKO EVENT $260+240. $40,000 guaranteed.
30.000 stack, 30/25 minute levels.

One of the most popular side events. The most "juicy" knockouts lurked in this tournament. Super knockout in progressive format, approaching the logical outcome of the tournament, the player turns into a real target with a huge bounty for knocking him out, which only adds action to the game. The final table will play out the next day.

The prize money of this tournament is always over $10,000 for the first place. Last time in Minsk, the tournament was conquered by Roman Nuraev, who received more than $19,000.

6️⃣ BELARUS KNONCKOUT CHAMPIONSHIP $120+$50. $70,000 guaranteed.

The most massive tournament of the series is a three-day event in the progressive knockout format, which will open our June eleven-day marathon. Excellent smooth structure and a modest buy-in of only $170 - a great warm-up tournament at the start of the series. Please note that there are four starting input flights in this event, stacks are not summed up! A ticket to this event can be easily won in online satellites.

Nikolai Vopilov conquered a similar tournament in Minsk, his prize money including knockouts amounted to $11,100.

7️⃣ OMAHA MAIN EVENT $110/$240+120. $20,000 guaranteed.
Stack 15.000/60.000, 20 and 25 minute levels.

In recent years, there have been more and more fans of Omaha tournaments, we decided to add a cool event to the schedule of our series - the Omaha Main Event with solid prizes. This event will take place at the best time for this and will not leave indifferent fans of the four card game. $360 buy-in, a decent starting stack, great structure, progressive knockouts and an extra $110 stage pass.
Online qualifiers are a great opportunity to come to the offline series already with a ticket to the tournament, and not even one. Grompoker will host even more online satellites for the April round in Minsk.

Similar to Armenia qualifiers, players from Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan can deposit and play satellites through Grompoker. Deposits should be made through the Grompoker support in telegram. The satellite schedule will be available soon. At the last stage of the RPT in Minsk, Grompoker raffled off about 70 tickets, this time our online partners promise even more tickets and packages. Don't miss this opportunity with our online partner.
Packages will be added a little later...
From Europe

From April 15, 2022, for citizens of Latvia and Lithuania, and from July 1, 2022, also for citizens of Poland, a visa-free procedure for entering Belarus has been introduced. Citizens of these countries have the right to visa-free entry to the territory of the Republic of Belarus an unlimited number of times. The number of days of stay in Belarus should not exceed 90 days in a calendar year.

From Russia

Recently, the number of flights from Russian cities to Minsk has increased, many direct flights have opened, and the cost of air tickets has decreased significantly. Tickets Moscow-Minsk-Moscow cost about $75, from St. Petersburg - $120. The fast train "Lastochka" will cost about $25. The earlier you book your flights, the cheaper the trip will be.

From Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan

There are also direct flights to Minsk at affordable prices from these countries. With regards to Covid restrictions, Belarusians will not require a PCR test or a vaccination certificate from you.
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