RUSSIAN POKER TOUR in collaboration with VBET
April 2 - 12, Belarus, Minsk
5* hotel "Beijing", casino "Opera". Welcome Back Stage.
Without 13% taxes, TV broadcasts, top tournaments and structures, soft fields.

Friends, welcome to RPT Minsk in April!

An improved schedule, the organizers have been invented new tournaments, adjusted the structures, made changes that were requested by the participants and collaborated with great international partners, so they built stronger partnerships with online partners too.


➤ Great democratic schedule, affordable hotel prices
➤ TV broadcasts of large-scale events with open maps
➤ Even brighter lineups of players, more foreign guests (because there are no series in Europe and Cyprus right now)
➤ Without 13% taxes from prize money
➤ Smooth payout structures in all tournaments, no imbalance in payouts
➤ RPT Superdealers Team are the brightest and most professional dealers
➤ 16 affordable and large-scale tournaments with buy-ins from $ 120 to $ 1100

➤ Wonderful venue in Opera casino and a lounge area for guests



Every day the borders are opening up. There are now tickets from Russia to Minsk from many cities, and ticket prices have dropped significantly accordingly. The winter stage showed how much we missed the poker stages in Minsk. It's time to distract ourselves from worries and recall the bright atmosphere of Vbet Russian Poker Tour again. Welcome to the RPT Minsk in April!


We've tweaked a bit the February schedule and now we have an improved version. There are plenty of tournaments with lean buy-ins available, as well and more expensive tournaments. The Main Event format is now optimized, with $175 buy-in tournaments available and going straight into the Main Day with all your stacks in hand. Also remaining on the schedule is the High Roller tournament, which will once again be in the TV cameras' crosshairs. Every poker enthusiast will find something to suit them.

We decided to make the line-ups on the RPT even more bright and attracted a lot of foreign guests. A lot of players from Turkey and Europe come to Minsk and poker series in Europe stand idle, that's why the stages of the RPT in Minsk are becoming really international, that's what we saw in February. This means more action in tournaments and brighter lineups in the cash game.

9 of the 16 tournaments, including the opening tournament, will be held in our beloved Progressive Knockout format. The progressive format, as we see, is becoming more and more popular, so we decided to keep it in all knockout tournaments. Progressive-knockout tournaments solve the main drawback of classic knockout tournaments - relatively small prize money because of the knockouts, now in the final stage you can knock out your opponent and get a sum comparable to the top prize money, because the bounties for opponents in the final stages "progressively increase".

We continue the glorious tradition of the TV's broadcasts from Opera Casino. Tournaments from the April schedule will also be accompanied by a live broadcast with commentary and displaying open cards. Let your friends see your live poker game. In addition to the Main Event, the High Roller tournament will also be streamed.

We decided to continue the unique action for cash games at RPT series. All participants who enjoing playing cash, including participants of the limit of $1/3, can get free accommodation in Minsk. Already in February there were twice as many of them. And now with a lot of foreign guests from Turkey and Europe, we prognoze big cash game in Minsk.

Paying 13% on prize money? Nope, we disagree. When we organize tournaments inside the casino walls, we pay tax for each individual poker table so that we don't deduct 13% tax from your prize money. Yes, it's less profitable for organizers to pay the additional tax at so many tables, but we fully understand it's better for our guests. It means even more guests will appreciate the concept and will come to the Minsk RPT series.

If you have ever been to the RPT, then you know that at the Russian Poker Tour series we usually chilling and hangoutting in the best night clubs, sing in karaoke, go karting and play soccer and mafia in addition to poker. Our guests come not only for the great poker tournaments, but also for the full recreation and relaxation, and it is guaranteed.


Spring stage of RPT will be held in Opera casino in the luxurious Beijing Hotel. The record low cost of accommodation has been kept and a comfortable double room in Beijing will cost you only $ 76/day. Such prices may be possible only for RPT guests at the series. It's enough to go downstairs and you are already on the tournament event. The price includes free visits to SPA and fitness center, so you can relax before the poker game.

An alternative option for living is Willing Hotel, located within walking distance from the Opera Casino. The cost of accommodation in Willing Hotel is only $ 45/day.


The conditions are simple:
You play:
5 hours/day.
You get:
$ 1/3 limit - accommodation at Willing hotel - 2 participants per room
$ 5/5 limit - accommodation at Willing hotel - 1 participant per room,
or at Beijing hotel - 2 participants per room.
$ 5/10 limit - accommodation at Beijing hotel - 1 participant per room

*min length of cash-only promotion is 3 nights
*quantity of rooms is limited

*cash packages must be purchased before the series beginning


How to bypass the mandatory 10-day quarantine by arriving from "red zone" countries, as well as assistance in crossing the border by car.

The situation with the borders is gradually coming back to normal, there are already many flights to Belarus, the prices of which have dropped significantly. Rail service between Russia and Belarus operates in the same mode and with the same ticket prices.

But still, arriving from the countries of the red zone, you need to make a special invitation for temporary entry into the Republic of Belarus. Its cost is 20 euro - especially for guests of the RPT. For making that, you need to contact the administrator listed below and tell the planned dates of your arrival to Belarus. Invitation process takes 3 days and the invitation will be sent directly will to your mail. You just need to print it out and take it with you, along with a negative COVID-19 test.

The same applies to those who are going to travel to Belarus from Russia by car.

To receive invitation please contact our administrator +380637265269 (Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp).

WARNING You can't make invitations for your whole family to cross the border with them by car. Invitation works individually.

*Important to know!

- According to the laws of the Belarus entrance to the casino is strictly with passport and 21+ age.
- Without 13% taxes on prize money, as all tournaments will be held inside of the casino.
- Payments for prizes are possible only with a passport!
- The official language of RPT is Russian
- Tickets won again in online satellites can be used as tournament money for the series.

- Tournament buyins are indicated in US dollars.