The joint stage of the Russian Poker Tour and Israel Poker Championship returns to Minsk in February 5-16

February 5-16, Belarus, Minsk!
Guarantee ₽35,000,000 ($ 450,000), 5 * hotel "Beijing", casino "Opera".
Tax free 13%, TV broadcast, joint Russian-Israeli stage.

Hot news, friends.
The joint stage of the Russian Poker Tour and Israel Poker Championship returns to Minsk.
The first two joint stages of RUSSIAN POKER TOUR and ISRAEL POKER CHAMPIONSHIP TOUR in May and November 2020 broke all records for poker events in Belarus. In the tournaments of both series, hundreds of thousands of prize money were raffled off, the tournament area was packed every day to overflowing with an international line-up of participants, the cash tables were unique, and the line-ups were the most pleasant in the CIS.

We want to repeat the incendiary atmosphere and hold even larger events.
Here is the announcement of the third joint stage of RUSSIAN POKER TOUR and ISRAEL POKER CHAMPIONSHIP TOUR. You will find another updated schedule, increased guaranteed prize money, finalized tournaments, adjusted structures, as well as even more opportunities to qualify through online satellites.




Thanks to cooperation with the most popular Israeli poker series, about 100 Israeli players come to Minsk for joint stages with RPT. It is obvious that the game in such an international composition, both at the tournament and at the cash tables, is very different. Among the Israeli guests you can rarely find regular players, most of them are poker tourists, if you add to this even more winners of online satellites at Grompoker, we can safely say that such squads as at the joint RPT and IPC stages in the CIS are hard to find. And the very atmosphere in international events is much brighter and more interesting.

Right now, you can feel the RPT atmosphere by going to the Russian Poker Tour Instagram account in the Stories section. There are many interesting materials, many of which remain behind the scenes.


At the upcoming RPT Minsk, we have increased the guaranteed prize money in tournaments to 35,000,000 rubles or $ 450,000. Although these prize money is a formality, and at the joint Russian-Israeli stages, the prize money is most often much higher than the declared ones, however, this fact shows how many participants are expected and what minimum prize money can be expected. It should be added that the organizers do not withhold 13% tax and you will receive your prize money in full.


Look at the schedule of our series, we believe that poker tournaments should be both accessible to a wide range of players and with impressive prize money. At the same time, we try to make more great events, and not limited to 3 main tournaments. Combining the right balance of one-day, multi-day, progressive knockouts and regular tournaments, with deep structure and turbocharged ones, is not an easy task, we will find out if we succeeded this time very soon, in February 2022.

The main tournament of the series has remained the same democratic - $ 550, the winner will take about $ 50,000. Smooth prize structures in all tournaments, no imbalance in payouts.


How much does it cost to go to a poker series? A question that many players, both beginners and more experienced, ask themselves. It often happens that living expenses and everyday expenses take up an impressive part of the travel budget. Or vice versa, the trip is relatively inexpensive, but the tournaments are so "inexpensive" that the prize money is not particularly attractive. In the case of RPT Minsk, everything is simple, there is a perfect balance.

The prices for flights to Minsk from many cities of the CIS are now at the lowest level for the entire period of observations, so a round-trip ticket from Moscow leaves less than $ 100, the same situation is with many Russian cities. The fast train "Lastochka" is even cheaper. If earlier guests preferred to travel by car in order to save money, now you can safely choose a plane, it will be cheaper. Enough PCR or a certificate and there will be no problems at the border.

Living costs in Minsk are also low. See for yourself: Luxurious 5 * hotel at the venue - $ 76 for two. 4 * hotel within walking distance - $ 37. A huge number of apartments near $ 20 are an excellent choice for large companies. Taxis in Minsk are quite inexpensive.

Food costs are quite low, a new, even more affordable menu has appeared on the RPT site, and prices in cafes and restaurants are two to three times cheaper than in Moscow.


The trip to the poker series is a great rest and reboot for most of our guests. Of course, what happens at the poker tables is the most important part of any trip to the poker series, but what to do besides the casino and poker? What to see, where to go, whom to meet, where to walk and have fun is an equally important question for many, especially for amateur players for whom poker is not a way of making money.

Minsk is ideal for such guests, it is a big city: the capital of the country, there are parks and museums, karaoke, nightclubs, meeting new people and adventures, all this is next to large-scale tournaments, there is where to go and where to have fun. Our guests come not only for great poker tournaments, but also for a good rest and a break, and this is guaranteed, as well as $450,000 in prize money in tournaments.

Add RPT signature entertainment to that. Here's what happened in the last episode: a players' nightclub party, a karaoke party, a mafia tournament, an adrenaline-pumping go-kart tournament and a fun FIFA tournament on the Playstation. RPT Minsk is an ideal place for poker recreation and entertainment.



1️⃣ IPC & RPT MAIN EVENT $135 / $550. $150,000 guarantee.

Stack 15.000 / 75.000, levels 13/20/35/40 and 45 minutes.

All the same accessible main format, and at the request of our Israeli partners, it will remain with the same democratic buy-in.

In Stage A, B and C for $ 135, participants receive 15,000 chips at the start and play up to 20% of the remaining, going through Day 1A with their stacks, or they go directly for $ 550 in the main Day 1A, getting a starting stack of 75,000 in chips. We expect more than 500 participants in this event and at least $ 50,000 for the winner, this is the event and such prize money was taken by Peter Rudnev from Belarus.

Online satellites at Grompoker will of course go to the main event with a $ 550 entry fee. The raffle will include not only tickets, but also packages with accommodation and expenses.

2️⃣ GROMPOKER PROGRESSIVE KNOCKOUT СUP $200 + $120. $40,000 guarantee.

Stack 30,000, levels for 20/30/35 and 40 minutes.

New event in the RPT schedule. With multiple entry days, this tournament will have a solid prize pool and a great opportunity to collect knockouts.

3️⃣ X EVENT $230 / $980. $35,000 guarantee.

Stack 20,000 / 100,000, levels of 20/30 and 40 minutes.

That's right, this is the most expensive tournament in the series, and these are the high rollers. Stage 1 will also have a democratic buy-in of $ 260 for those who find it overwhelming to enter the main day. Players in Day 1 receive 20,000 chips and play up to 20% of the participants, after which they move to the main Day 1 with the collected stacks. The main change in the structure is the absence of Day 2 with a buy-in of $ 1100, but on the final day the first two will be available for late registration level.

4️⃣ DDX CHAMPIONSHIP $110, $200 or $390. $30,000 guarantee.

Stack 15.000 / 30.000 / 75.000, levels of 15/20/30 and 40 minutes.

A great event of our telegram friends of the DDX channel. Within the framework of the championship, a special meeting / party and an event will be organized for the friends of the House of Artists from Anatoly Nikitin and Gleb Tremzin. The winner of this event will receive a special gift from DDX in addition to a solid prize and a cup.

On Day 1A, for $ 110, participants get 15,000, In Day 1B, for $ 200 - 30,000, or on a combined day for $ 390 and get a solid 70,000 stack.

Grompoker will run online satellites with guaranteed tickets and packages for this event.

5️⃣ ISRAEL PROGRESSIVE SUPERKNOCKOUT CUP $300 + $200. $30,000 guarantee.

Stack 25,000, levels of 30 and 40 minutes.

One of the most popular side events. The most "sweet" knockouts lurked in this very tournament. Super knockout in progressive format, approaching the logical outcome of the tournament, the player turns into a real target with a huge bounty for knocking him out, which only adds action to the game. The final table will be played out the next day.

6️⃣ PROGRESSIVE KNOCKOUT CHAMPIONSHIP $90 + $80. $30,000 guarantee.

The two-day Progressive Knockout Opening Tournament with an excellent structure and a modest buy-in of just $ 170 is a great warm-up event at the start of the series. Please note that there are three input flights in total in this event, the stacks are not summed up, as it was last time.

A ticket to this event can be won in online satellites at Grompoker.

7️⃣ OMAHA MAIN EVENT $100 + 100 / $300 + 100. $25,000 guarantee.

Stack 20,000 / 50,000, levels of 20 and 25 minutes.

In last years, there are more and more fans of Omaha tournaments, we decided to add a new event to the schedule of our series - the Omaha Main Event with solid prize money. Two starting days with different buy-ins in progressive knockout format, decent starting stack and structure, and at the best time to do so. This event will not leave indifferent fans of the four card game.


Online qualifiers are a great opportunity to come to the offline series with a ticket to the tournament, and not even one.

At Grompoker ( you can win a buy-in or a package that also includes the cost of flights and accommodation in a 5 * hotel.

Grompoker will hold even more online satellites for the February series in Minsk.

Players from Russia can make deposits and play satellites. Deposits from Russia should be made through the Grompoker support service in the telegram The satellite schedule will be available shortly.

At the last RPT stage in Minsk, Grompoker raffled off about 70 tickets, this time our online partners promise even more tickets and packages.

Grompoker is still a fairly young room, and many satellites are held here with expected overlays, which means that the players' chances are even higher. Don't miss this possibility from our new online partner.


The February stage of the RPT & IPC Tour will take place of the Opera casino in the luxurious Beijing Hotel. The record low cost of living has also been preserved, and a comfortable double room in Beijing will cost you only $ 76 / day. It will be enough just to walk down from the room in the Opera casino and you are already in the epicenter of the poker battles. And before the game, you can gain strength in the magnificent spa complex with a swimming pool and sauna.

An alternative option, just slightly inferior in comfort, is the Willing Hotel, located within walking distance from the Opera Casino. Here the cost of accommodation will be only $ 37per day.

There are a lot of offers for daily rent of apartments in Minsk.

Over the past six months, the cost of renting apartments has dropped significantly.

Prices start at $ 15, if you are traveling with a company this is a great option, you can look at these sites:


Package №1 - $730

- Buy-in to RPT MAIN EVENT ($550)

- 4 nights accommodation at the Willing hotel.

* When booking at the Beijing Hotel - $854

Package №2 (maximum) - $4,080, 50% discount on hotel accommodation.




- Buy-in to GROMPOKER CUP - ($320)


- Buy-in to RPT MAIN EVENT Day 1A ($550)

- Buy-in to DEEPSTACK BATTLE ($300)

- Buy-in to X EVENT ($980)


- 9 nights accommodation at the Willing Hotel.

* When booking at the Beijing Hotel - $4,190

** Double accommodation is possible at the same package price

Package №3 - CASH, 100% compensation of the cost of living

You play:

5 hours/day.

You get:

At the limit of $ 1/3 - accommodation at the "Willing" hotel - 1 participant per room, or in Beijing, two participants per room.

At a limit of $ 5/5 - accommodation in a Beijing hotel - 2 participants in a room (you can live alone to pay the difference)

At the limit of $ 5/10 and above - accommodation in the Beijing hotel - 1 participant per room.

* The minimum length of a cash promotion is 3 nights.

* Number of rooms is limited.

* Cash packages must be issued before the start of the series


To come to Belarus, you will need either a PCR certificate or a vaccination certificate.

From Russia

Recently, the number of air flights to Minsk has increased from Russian cities, many direct flights have opened, and the cost of air tickets has significantly decreased compared to the beginning of 2020. Tickets Moscow-Minsk-Moscow cost from $ 75, from St. Petersburg $ 120. Fast train "Swallow" about $ 25.

The more you book your air tickets in advance, the cheaper the trip will cost.

From Ukraine

There are no direct flights from Ukraine to Belarus. Nevertheless, many guests come to the episode in Minsk.

Buses run between different Ukrainian cities every day.

The RPT administrator in Ukraine will help you arrange the necessary travel documents (+380637265269 Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp).

From Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan

There are direct flights to Minsk at affordable prices from these countries. PCR test or certificates of vaccination with any international vaccine are sufficient.

* It is important for everyone to know!

- According to the laws of the Republic of Belarus, entrance to the casino is strictly with a passport and 21+.

- 13% tax on prize money NO, as all tournaments will be held within the walls of the casino.

- Payment of prize money is possible only upon presentation of a passport!

- The official languages for the series are Russian and English.

- Tickets won again in online satellites can be used as tournament money for the series.

- Buy-ins to tournaments are indicated in US dollars.

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