Mountains! Summer! Poker! It has become a good tradition!

July 22 - August 1, Shangri-La Casino Tsaghkadzor!
$500,000 guaranteed, updated schedule, increased prize money in tournaments.
No taxes on prize money, the best lineups in the CIS, a big international stage.
A wonderful summer vacation for the whole family, without a passport, affordable accommodation.
It has become a good tradition!

Friends, every July we invite you to the mountains to admire and enjoy the picturesque landscapes of one of the oldest countries in the world, and at the same time play good and atmospheric poker at an altitude of almost 2,000 meters above sea level. We are pleased to announce that after a short break, RPT is back in Tsaghkadzor with its updated summer stage.

More than $2,000,000 of prize money played for the previous three series, a tournament platform with the best lineups in the entire CIS, the resort town of Tsakhkadzor is again ready to host all fans of excellent poker from all over the world. The previous summer stages in Armenia were always held with a $300k guarantee, this time we decided not to waste time on trifles and present you the long-awaited announcement of the July leg of the Russian Poker Tour in Tsaghkadzor with a guaranteed prize pool of $500,000.
The upcoming Poker Festival will feature an updated schedule and improved tournament structures, increased guaranteed prize pools, great summer fun, delicious food, affordable accommodation and perfect playing fields. We are tuning in to great news, right now we will describe in detail why this stage should not be skipped in any case.

If you have ever participated in the RPT series in Armenia, then you will agree that most of the participants in our Armenian stages are numerous amateurs. Geography of participants: Armenia, Georgia, Iran, Israel, Russia, Belarus and other CIS countries, this time we expect a good influx of players from Iran. Any stage of RPT Armenia is a lot of good poker and a cascade of all kinds of entertainment for all participants, we have a great time, sing karaoke, go karting, play football and mafia, ski in winter, and have beach parties in summer.

A warm and friendly atmosphere always reigns in the series from Pokerstyle Events, but in Armenia it becomes really friendly. Non-poker entertainment, intellectual and sports games, summer entertainment and many other interesting things await the guests of the next stage.


The tournament schedule for Tsaghkadzor turned out to be excellent. We tested this variant of the tournament grid during the hectic April stage in Minsk and decided to implement its foundations for Armenia. There are quite a lot of available tournaments with solid guarantees, the guarantees of many tournaments have been significantly increased. The format of the main tournament has remained the same optimal: playing in the stages of the $110 Main Event, you go directly to Day 1A with the collected stacks. Every poker fan will find something suitable for him in the schedule of the RPT Armenia series.

The beloved event in the Mystery Bounty format will also remain, which is firmly entrenched in the RPT tournament bracket. We continue to enjoy knockout formats, 9 tournaments at once, including a large-scale opening tournament, will be held in our favorite Progressive knockout format, in addition to them, there are enough events with regular bounties, as well as classic non-knockout tournaments in the schedule.


A trip to a poker series is a great break and reset for most of our guests. But what to do besides casino and poker? In Armenia, July is the hottest month, at this time in Tsakhkadzor the temperature is quite comfortable around +23, and in Yerevan it even reaches +35-40.

Relax in hospitable Armenia, walk around Yerevan, eat real Armenian kebabs, climb the mountains in Tsakhkadzor, ride a boat and swim in a real pearl - Lake Sevan, as well as play excellent tournaments at RPT - all these chic conditions will be available to everyone. It's real to combine poker and a great vacation with the whole family, take your family, friends and loved ones, in addition to poker battles and welcome to Tsaghkadzor.


For many years, RPT Armenia stage guarantees did not exceed $300,000, until three series in a row brought a total figure of more than $2,000,000 in prize money. It is worth adding that in Armenia the organizers do not withhold tax and you receive your prize money in full. The series in Armenia in July is always popular and hype, so we will prepare even more seriously for the stage. Once again, the spacious and cozy hall of the Shangri-La casino in Tsaghkadzor will be at our disposal, about 20 gaming tables will be allocated for tournaments. A complete ban on smoking will be introduced at the tournament site in Tsaghkadzor with penalties for violators!


The price tag for a flight to Armenia in June was quite comparable to the buy-in to the main and even to the high rollers. That is why our team decided to castling the RPT stages in Armenia and Minsk. At the end of July, the cost of a flight to Yerevan from many CIS cities is already at a relatively low level (the average cost of a round-trip flight is around $250). For example, Sochi-Yerevan-Sochi - about $200, Moscow-Yerevan-Moscow - about $290. In Armenia, all COVID-restrictions for tourists have been completely abolished, upon arrival you will not be required to have either a PCR test or a vaccination certificate - everything is like in the good old days.

In terms of living expenses, food and other expenses, Tsakhkadzor is a very democratic town, there are a sufficient number of excellent hotels at affordable prices, check it out and be surprised by the offers yourself. Most of the hotels are within walking distance from the venue of the series, prices in cozy restaurants also do not bite. The casino is located in the same complex with the Multi Rest House hotel. For guests of the RPT series on July 22 - August 1, a special discount price tag for accommodation will also be set here.
1️⃣ RPT MAIN EVENT $110/440. $100.000 guarantee.
75.000 stack, 20/35/40 and 60 minute levels.

$100,000 guaranteed in the main, the same format available to many. In Stage A, Stage B, Stage C and Stage D for $110, members play up to 20% and advance directly to the main Day 1A while keeping their stacks. Thanks to this format, more local players can take part in the Main Event. Online satellites will take place directly on Day 1A, which has an entry fee of $440. The raffle will include not only tickets, but also packages with accommodation.

Igor Chashchin won the Main Event of the previous round in Armenia, earning $33,300 in prize money. The future main will be even bigger.

2️⃣ SHANGRILA HIGHROLLERS CUP $700. $40,000 guarantee.
50.000 stack, 20, 30 and 40 minute levels.

High Rollers are an integral part of the tournament bracket, which this time became the second most expensive event, losing the palm to Super High Rollers. You can take part in Day 1, late registration will not be available on the final day. High rollers will take place right in front of the Main, you can safely play without fear of intersections.

Kirill Aleksandrov became the champion of a similar High Roller tournament last time, earning $15,000 in prize money.

3️⃣ SAFEPOKER MYSTERY BOUNTY EVENT $220/280/360. $40,000 guarantee.
25.000/30.000/50.000 stack, 25 minute levels.

The tournament in the Mystery Bounty format is loved by many of our players. You can take part in any of the entrance days, because all the action and the hunt for magical bounties will begin during the final day. On Day 1A for $100+120, players get 25,000 chips and advance to the combined Day 2 with a built stack, on Day 1B for $120+160, the starting stack will be 30,000, on Day 1C with a buy-in of $140+220, players get a stack of 50,000 chips.

Nikolay Rodionov became the champion of the similar tournament of the last series, having won his long-awaited trophy and earned $11,395 in prize money.

4️⃣ ARMENIA KNOCKOUT CHAMPIONSHIP $120+50. $60,000 guarantee.
20.000 stack, 20/25/30 and 40 minute levels.

The progressive knockout opening tournament with a smooth structure, modest $170 buy-in and not the most modest guarantee increased to $60,000 is a great warm-up event at the start of the series. Stacks do not stack! Four entrance days with levels ranging from 20 to 30 minutes, in which of the entrance days to take part, in one, several or even all - it's up to you, each of the entrance days is played up to the ITM zone. On the final day, either a larger stack or a larger knockout (at the discretion of the player) passes. It will also be possible to qualify for this tournament through an extensive network of online satellites.

Usually, the champions of this tournament always take away about $10,000 in prize money, Vahe Poghosyan, who won this tournament last time, earned even more, his prize was $11,100.

5️⃣ PROGRESSIVE SUPERKNOCKOUT EVENT $250+200. $40,000 guarantee.
30.000 stack, 30/25 minute levels.

One of the most popular side events is the progressive superknockout. Half of the buy-in has been loaded into the fund of progressively growing bounties, and as we get closer to the final table, knockouts become especially attractive.

Georgian Tornike Tchkonia became the champion of the last superkout, having received more than $13,000 in prize money for the victory.

6️⃣ MONSTER EVENT $120/340. $35.000 guarantee
45.000 stack, 25 minute levels.

The iconic deepstack is back on the RPT schedule. This tournament has been played in a variety of formats, but has always been characterized by a deep starting stack and smooth levels so that players can comfortably enjoy the game. This time the Monster Event will be held in the classic non-knockout format and with an increased guarantee of $35,000.

The winners of this tournament always take home a solid top 1 payout. This time the Monsters guarantee has been increased to $35k, so the prizes at the final table will be very tempting.

7️⃣ GRAND SUPERKNOCKOUTS CUP PKO $135/180+160. $25,000 guarantee.
45.000 stack, 25 minute levels.

A multi-day player with a deep starting stack, smooth structure and progressively increasing knockouts. This event will take place at the very end of the series, its winner is guaranteed to take away a nice prize payout in addition to the champion's trophy.


Cash games in Armenia are significantly larger than in our Minsk stages. 6-7 cash tables are played non-stop on the RPT series in Armenia, in addition to the available limits, $5/10, as well as $10/25 PLO are played here. Lineups in the games are much better than at other stages of the RPT, many players have already seen this. We are sure that this time cash players will not be disappointed with the trip either, in the near future traditional cash packages will be added for cash players, by booking which you can get absolutely free hotel accommodation.
Online qualifiers are a great opportunity to come to an offline series already with a ticket to the tournament, and even more than one. On the website of our online partners, buy-ins to tournaments or packages will be played at once, which also include the cost of flights and accommodation in a cozy hotel. Usually about 50-70 tickets and packages are raffled off, this time tickets and packages will also be raffled off in abundance.

Participants from RU BY and KZ play satellites through Grompoker (, GE - through Сrocobet (, AM - through Vbet. At Grompoker, a deposit is made through the support service (telegram - grompoker_support).

The full schedule of online satellites will be published a little later
Packages will be added a little later...
Fortunately, covid restrictions are behind us and the borders are open, just like in the good old days. The number of daily flights Moscow - Yerevan is more than 10. There are direct flights to Yerevan from many Russian cities. At the moment, Armenia is one of the most accessible countries in terms of visiting - no visas and passports will be required from you, in 2022 mandatory PCR tests and certificates upon arrival were completely abolished.

The best way to visit Armenia is by air, the price tag is now around $250 both ways, it is best to book tickets in advance. It costs about $10 to get from the airport to Tsaghkadzor, Yandex-taxi works in Armenia.
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