RPT returns to Armenia!

October 22 - 31, Armenia, Tsaghkadzor!
$300,000 guarantee. Armenia, Tsaghkadzor, Tandzaghbyuri 2, 4/1, Royale Signature.
No taxes on prize money, TV broadcast, a real international poker series.
Rest for the whole family, without a passport, affordable accommodation.

More than two years of painful waiting, a lot of messages and calls with a question "Well, when will RPT come to Armenia again?" And now, having overcome the coronavirus twists and obstacles in the form of tightly curtained borders, we state that Russian Poker Tour is returning to Armenia with an excellent poker festival!

We are officially pleased to invite you to the October stage of the Russian Poker Tour in Armenia with a guaranteed prize pool of $300,000. New tournaments, improved structures, solid guaranteed prize money, no taxes on prize money, affordable accommodation, quality recreation and delicious cuisine, perfect poker fields. We had enough time to polish the structures and tournament schedule to brilliance, and at the end of October Armenia will host a long-awaited, very exciting and interesting stage.


➤ The guaranteed series prize pool is $300,000. Each tournament comes with its own guarantee.

➤ Georgian Poker Championship within the RPT series, many Georgian players, as well as traditional guests from Iran, Europe and the CIS countries.

➤ Availability of the venue, open border and affordable flights to Yerevan from many cities.

➤ Luxury hotels for the whole family, delicious cuisine and the best entertainment.

➤ A large number of excellent cash games, both low and medium limits.

➤ Lots of tickets and Participant Packages in online satellites on Vbet.

➤ Resort vacation in Armenia, the opportunity to combine vacation, poker and exploring a country with a rich history.

➤ Television Poker with open cards, live TV broadcasts of two events - the Main Event and the High Rollers.

➤ Unique lineups in tournaments and cash games, friendly atmosphere, entertainment, and non-poker games.


Armenia is a country with a rich history.

The capital - Yerevan, founded 2800 years ago, is one of the most ancient capitals in the world.

At the same time, Yerevan is a modern developed European city, where there is a lot of interesting things to see.

There are direct flights to Armenia from many parts of the CIS, and Russian citizens can fly to Yerevan with an internal passport (as in Minsk).

At this stage, our team has great expectations.

There was no such poker in Armenia for a very long time, and everyone managed to miss a good game, which means that we can already predict a large influx of players for this series. The RPT Armenia will host the Georgian Poker Championship. The border between Armenia and Georgia is open, and many Georgian players will want to attend this stage and will dilute the already colorful composition of the participants very well.

The venue of the tournament is Tsaghkadzor resort area, Royale Signature. In 45 minutes from Yerevan, in 25 minutes from Tsaghkadzor there is a beautiful alpine lake - Sevan, the Armenians call it "the sea».



Most of the participants in our Armenian stages are amateurs from the CIS, the geography of the participants is Russia, Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus and other CIS countries. There are much more cash games in Armenia than at our Minsk stages. At the previous stages in Armenia, cash tables were not closed from the first to the last day. In addition to the available limits, there was a $ 5/10 game every day, often $ 10/25 PLO, the lineups in games are significantly better than at other RPT stages. We are confident that cash players will not be disappointed with the trip, especially since this year we expect a large group of players from Georgia and Iran.

Player rating based on the results of previous series

Rating of players (Feb-July 2021) Final.xls (112.5 kilobytes)


We managed to make a great schedule for Armenia. There are many tournaments available with solid guarantees. The format of the main tournament turned out to be optimal, playing in the stages of the Main Event for $ 95, you go directly to Day 1A with the collected stacks. Every poker lover will find something suitable for himself in the RPT Armenia series schedule.


Relax in hospitable Armenia, stroll around Yerevan, eat real Armenian barbecue, climb the mountains in Tsakhkadzor, ride a boat around Sevan and play great tournaments at the Russian Poker Tour. In Armenia, even at this time, the temperature is quite comfortable around +22. All these gorgeous conditions will be available to everyone.


For the first time in the Armenian stages, a TV broadcast will be held - this is a separate issue that the players asked us about. We have listened and are taking with us a TV table that will be used in two of the top tournaments of the series - the Main Event and the High Rollers, which will be accompanied by a live broadcast with commentary and open cards. Let your friends and family see your game live. Dragging the Cup of the Main Event and becoming the champion of RPT Armenia under the gun of cameras become a reality now.


We continue to enjoy the knockout formats. Eight tournaments at once, including the opening tournament, will be held in the favorite Progressive knockout format, each of which is provided with its own guarantee. The progressive format became very popular and we decided to keep it in all knockout tournaments. Progressive knockout tournaments solve the main drawback of classic knockout tournaments, relatively small prize money due to knockouts, now in the final stage of the tournament you can knock out an opponent and get an amount comparable to the top prize money, because in the final stages the bounty for the opponents «increases progressively».


At the moment, Armenia is one of the most accessible countries in terms of visiting. Borders are open to many countries and only a negative PCR test is needed to visit this beautiful country. The best way to visit Armenia is by air, and the price tag is not the most biting now (the average cost of a flight is around $200 round-trip).

Direct flights from these cities:

There are a huge number of flights every day. Aeroflot offers tickets for $200 round trip.

Mau and Sky-up operate several flights every day. Return tickets from $150.

Daily flight from Belavia, tickets cost about $200.

Saint Petersburg - Yerevan - Saint Petersburg.
This direction is served by Aeroflot and Ural airlines with a total of 4 flights a week.
Departure and arrival is carried out from/to Pulkovo international airport, and the travel time is approximately 3.5 hours.

Sochi - Yerevan - Sochi and Krasnodar.
Aeroflot and UTair also operate daily flights from Sochi. Just over an hour, and you will find yourself in sunny Yerevan. These directions are served by the Sochi airport, located in the city of Adler, and the Yerevan Zvartnots airport.

Rostov-on-Don - Yerevan - Rostov-Don.
Another city close to Yerevan (the flight lasts only an hour and a half), from which Ural Airlines can fly directly to Yerevan. Flights are operated five times a week from the airport of the same name with the city.

Novosibirsk - Yerevan - Novosibirsk.
Once a week (currently on Thursdays), S7 Airlines operates direct flights from Novosibirsk Tolmachevo International Airport to Yerevan Zvartnots Airport. Travel time is almost 5 hours.

Yekaterinburg - Yerevan - Yekaterinburg.
The flight is operated from Koltsovo airport, and the flight lasts almost 3.5 hours.

Mineralnye Vody - Yerevan - Mineralnye Vody.
From the international airport of Mineralnye Vody, it takes only an hour to fly to Yerevan.

Voronezh - Yerevan - Voronezh.
Flights from Voronezh are operated by Grozny Avia. The flight will be approximately 2.5 hours.


RPT MAIN EVENT $95/390. TV table. $90,000 guarantee.

Stack 20,000/100,000, levels 15/20/35/40 minutes.

Available format of the Main event, in 2 stages. In Stage A, Stage B and Stage C for $95, participants play up to 20% of the field and go directly to the final Day 1A while maintaining their stacks. Thanks to this format, more local players will be able to take part in the Main Event. Online satellites at Vbet will take place on Day 1A, with an entry fee of $390. The raffle includes not only tickets, but also packages with accommodation.

HIGHROLLERS TV EVENT $700. TV table. $25,000 guarantee.

Stack 25,000, levels of 30 minutes.

Yes friends! This High Roller is the most expensive and prestigious tournament of the series, alongside the Main Event. You can take part in Day 1, as well as in the final day, where there will be 4 more levels of late registration. High rollers will close the series in Armenia and you have a chance to put a beautiful finish to the end of the series. Like the Main Event, this tournament will be accompanied by a TV broadcast.

VBET PROGRESSIVE KNOCKOUT STACK + CUP $110 + 40. $40,000 guarantee.

The opening tournament of the progressive knockout format with an excellent structure, a modest buy-in of $150 and not the most modest guarantee is an excellent warm-up event at the start of the series. Please note that the stacks are summed up. Four entrance days with levels from 20 to 35 minutes, and a decision in which of the entrance days to participate, in one, several or even in all - it's up to you. Remember, in combined Day 2, you will have a stack made by adding the stacks you made on entry days 1A, 1B, 1C, and 1D, on the final day of the 30 and 40 minute levels. This tournament can also be qualified through the extensive network of online satellites at Vbet, the winners of which will receive tickets to Day 1A.

GEORGIAN PROGRESSIVE KNOCKOUT CHAMPIONSHIP $80 + 40/$260 + 100. $25,000 guarantee.

Stack 20,000/80,000, levels 15/20/30 and 35 minutes. Championship of Georgia within RPT Armenia in the popular format of progressive knockout.

Day 1 with a $120 buy-in and a 20,000 stack, Day 2 with a $360 buy-in and a starting stack of 80,000.

PROGRESSIVE SUPERKNOCKOUT EVENT $200 + 200. $20,000 guarantee.

Stack 25,000, levels of 30 minutes.

One of the most popular side events is progressive super knockout. Half of the buy-in has been uploaded to the fund of progressively growing bounty, and as the final table approaches, the knockouts will be even more attractive.


Stack 25.000. Levels of 25 and 30 minutes.

One of the most popular RPT tournaments for people who are as immune to external stimuli as possible.

At RPT Armenia it will be held in a two-day format and with a double guarantee, the tournament itself will be in progressive knockout and IronMan format, without any breaks until the final table. The main "feature" - the final table will be held in a special, maximum "tense" place.

Last time the final table took place on a Zipline area, with eliminated players going down it. If you are not ready to play under pressure, then it is better to refrain from participating in this event.

MONSTER PROGRESSIVE KNOCKOUT EVENT $160 + 120. $20,000 guarantee.

Stack 50,000, levels of 25 minutes.

The tournament in this format has been an integral part of the Russian Poker Tour schedule for several seasons in a row.

Monster Event is an "improved" version of the classic Turbo Deepstack format with more than double the starting stack. And now it is also in the progressive knockout format, perfect for those who were unlucky in the opening tournament.

GRAND PROGRESSIVE KNOCKOUT CUP $190 + 200. $20,000 guarantee.

The stack is 20,000, the levels are 20 minutes.

An excellent two-day tournament with progressive knockouts, smooth structure and excellent dynamics. This tournament is not about ICM, there is only endless "headhunting" at your opponents. Please note that there are 4 more levels available for the late registration on the final day.


If you have been to the RPT, then you should know that on the Russian Poker Tour Armenia series, in addition to poker, we have a great time, sing karaoke, go karting, play football and mafia, go zipline and have beach parties ... There is always a warm and friendly atmosphere on the Pokerstyle Events series, but in Armenia it becomes really friendly. Non-poker entertainment, intellectual and sports games, excursions and a lot of interesting things await the guests of the autumn stage. Let's get acquainted with the reviews about one of the RPT stages in Armenia.

Tsaghkadzor is a unique climatic place.

Ecological tourism is widespread in Tsaghkadzor.
As a result of a person's stay in Tsaghkadzor, the level of hemoglobin in the blood increases sharply, which has a positive effect on human health. The sharp production of hemoglobin is explained by the highly rarefied air of Tsaghkadzor, the high location of the area relative to sea level, the relatively low oxygen content, woodland and fresh air.

In Soviet times, Tsaghkadzor was recognized as one of the best resort places in the country. Many sanatoriums, hotels, sports grounds were built here. Tsakhkadzor became especially popular when the leadership of the USSR decided that the Soviet national teams in various sports would train in Tsakhkadzor before international competitions, since a sharp increase in hemoglobin levels here helped to improve the physical condition of athletes.

Currently Tsaghkadzor attracts national teams of Armenia, Russia and other athletes. These are mainly skiers, swimmers, weightlifters and many other professional sportsmen. The climate and ecology of Tsaghkadzor have a health-improving effect on both athletes, vacationers and residents of the city.


5* Marriott Hotel - RPT Venue
4/1, Tandzaghpyur Street 2, Tsaghkadzor 2310, Armenia

Rooms in single/double cottages
- Standard $61
- Deluxe $81
Rooms in the main building single/double
- Standard $74
- Deluxe $86

Let us remind you that this is the best hotel in Tsaghkadzor and the venue for the series.

Tsaghkadzor has a large number of great hotels at affordable prices, check Booking and be surprised by the offers yourself. Most of the hotels are within walking distance of the series venue.

To book rooms contact us +7 985 970 9099 Viber Whatsa'pp Telegram.
Come to Armenia from October 22 to 31 to play quality and atmospheric poker, as well as relax and have a great time in Tsaghkadhor.

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