November 15-23, Belarus, Minsk!
Guarantee $400,000, 5* hotel "Beijing", casino "Opera". Grand Final 2021.
Tax free 13%, TV broadcast, joint stage, top poker event of the year.

Well, friends, didn't you wait? We love to make such surprises and right now we are announcing to you the big Russian-Israeli Grand Final, which will be held in Minsk on November 15-23.

The first joint stage of RUSSIAN POKER TOUR and ISRAEL POKER CHAMPIONSHIP TOUR in May this year broke all conceivable and inconceivable records for events in Belarus. The total prize pool for the May combined stage of the RPT & IPC Tour was about $700.000499 entries were registered in the Main Event, and $50.000 was paid to the winner. The tournament area was packed every day to overflowing with an international cast of participants, and the cash tables were bursting with the flow of people who wanted to.

In July, the II Russian-Israeli stage was supposed to pass in Minsk, but the unexpectedly changed rules for the entry of Israelis into Belarus ruined everything, the Israelis were forbidden to go to Belarus. Our Israeli partners very much asked us to organize a big event in November. So, the Russian-Israeli festival is again in Minsk, we are again bringing big poker to Belarus with the best compositions in the CIS.

We decided to put a bright and memorable point in the 2021 season and close it at the end of November with a large-scale poker festival with a guaranteed prize pool of $400.000, upon completion of which we will award the leaders of the rating with excellent bonuses, and the top 1 of the rating will receive a real champion belt of 2021! Go!


➤ Final stage of 2021 - RPT & IPC Tour Grand Final in Minsk - big closing of the season.

➤ Guaranteed prize pool of the series - $400.000, 15 excellent tournaments - each with its own guarantee.

➤ More than 100 Israeli players, an international palette of participants and the best squads in the CIS.

➤ Awarding of the top 5 rating at the end of 2021. A real champion belt for a winner.

➤ Great schedule. The main event of the series with a buy-in of only $550 and a guarantee of $150.000.

➤ Even brighter action at the tables, the best cash game at limits up to $25/50.

➤ Reliable online partner - Grompoker, the ability to play satellites from Russia.

➤ No 13% deductions from prize tournaments, affordable hotel rates.

➤ TV broadcasts of large-scale events showing open maps.

➤ Smooth payout structures in all tournaments, no imbalance in payouts.

➤ RPT Superdealers Team is the brightest and most professional dealers.


The mask regime is still maintained in Belarus. All personnel will be wearing masks, antiseptics and other antibacterial agents will be constantly present on the site, and cards and chips will be constantly disinfected. An ultraviolet recirculator will operate in the hall.

Ventilation of the premises will be regular, since the ventilation in the Opera works perfectly. In short, all the necessary measures will be implemented to make the players feel as safe as possible during the game.




In the memory of the players, the record and excitement of the spring Russian-Israeli stage of the RPT & IPC Tour is still fresh. Then the series without a guarantee collected more than $700.000 prize money. Our Israeli guests liked this cooperation and gladly responded to the idea of holding a joint Grand Final in Minsk. This time the series guarantee will be $400,000, but this is more of a formality, given the large influx of players from different countries. At the first stage in May, there were about 100 guests from Israel, this time they promised to come in a much larger composition. This means that we will have twice as much action and fun on the tournament platform.


Grompoker is the new official partner of the Russian Poker Tour tournaments, which has already managed to prove itself from the best side. In addition to the RPT stages in Armenia, satellites to other stages will be held in partnership with a young and fast-growing poker room - Grompoker. Deposits and withdrawals for Russian players - in national currency, no more problems with accessing and registering accounts. Satellites will start soon and our new online partner will try to surprise you.


The Grand Final is a high time to take stock of the game year, rewarding the strongest participants in the 2021 season at its true worth. This series will be decisive, as a result of which the top 5 in the 2021 league table will receive great bonuses, and the leader of the table will take with him a real champion belt!


The capital of Belarus is beautiful at any time of the year. The price tags for air tickets have dropped significantly and it has become even easier to fly to Minsk from many cities of Russia. The land border is still closed, but let's not forget about the Lastochka high-speed train, which has been successfully running between Moscow and Minsk for several months. Tickets for it - only $25, 7 hours - and you are already in the capital of Belarus. Let's take a break from pressing problems and worries and once again plunge into the bright atmosphere of the Russian Poker Tour. Welcome to the RPT & IPC Tour International Grand Final in November!

Right now you can feel the RPT atmosphere by going to the Russian Poker Tour Instagram account in the Stories section. There are many interesting materials, many of which remain behind the scenes.


The schedule has undergone some changes. The series has tightened and there will be a total of nine playing days, but still there are still many available tournaments with solid buy-ins, including more expensive tournaments, in the schedule. The main tournament was to the liking of the players and remained the same democratic. By playing on the available days of the $135 Main Event, you go straight to the $550 Buy-In Main Day with Stacks Collected. In May, 499 entries were made in the main event, and the champion took away $50.000 with him. The High Roller Tournament will remain on the schedule, which will sparkle with new colors, as well as the renewed multi-day Russian Poker Open tournament, which replaced the Superstack Event. Every poker lover will find something suitable for himself.

By the way, subscribe to the Pokerstyle Events telegram channel, there will be many different contests with tickets for tournaments and satellites, and this is also a great way to quickly find out about all the updates of our series.


Most of the tournaments, including the opening tournament, will be held in the favorite Progressive Knockout format. The "progressive" format, as we can see, is becoming more and more popular, and we again decided to leave it in all knockout tournaments. Nevertheless, fans of classic tournaments will be able to find excellent tournaments without knockouts for themselves.


The glorious tradition of TV broadcasts from the Opera will also continue. Tournaments from the November schedule will also be accompanied by a live broadcast with commentary and a show of open cards. Let your friends and acquaintances see your game live. In addition to the main event, the High Roller Tournament will also be shown live. Let's see how it was on one of our last series.


Israeli players are well known for their action in cash games, this could be seen by everyone on the series in May, when the number of tables was above all expectations, and the limits reached the level of $25/50. There will be more cash games this fall and we are continuing our traditional cash pack promotion. Again, all participants in cash games, including participants in the $1/3 limit, can get free accommodation in Minsk, because, in parallel with the tournament battles, a real cash marathon awaits us again.


Paying 13% on prize money? We don't think so. When organizing tournaments within the walls of the casino, we pay tax for each individual poker table so as not to deduct 13% tax from your prize money. Yes, paying tax on such a number of tables is not very cheap for organizers, but we know that it is better for our guests, which means that even more guests will appreciate it and come to the RPT series in Minsk.


If you have been to the RPT, then you should know that on the Russian Poker Tour series, in addition to poker, we "walk" in nightclubs, sing karaoke, go go-karting and play football and the mafia. Our guests come not only for great poker tournaments, but also for a good rest and a break, and this is guaranteed.

Since ahead of us is not just an ordinary stage, but the Grand Final, the list of entertainment events will be expanded and replenished with new types of entertainment. We will keep it a secret for now, but we promise to pleasantly surprise you.
We are watching a video report from the May stage and making plans for the Grand Final.


As part of the November stage, our online partner Grompoker ( will surprise you with updated satellite structures and will give away a large number of both just tickets and participant packages, which include buy-in for the tournament + accommodation + money for expenses. It is much easier to become the owner of the coveted vouchers. Thunderpoker is still a fairly young room, and many satellites are held here with expected overlays, which means that the players' chances are even higher. Don't miss this opportunity from our new online partner.


IPC & RPT MAIN EVENT $135/$550.
$150.000 guarantee.

Stack 20.000/100.000, levels 13/20/25/30/40 and 45 minutes.
All the same accessible main format, and at the request of our Israeli partners, it will remain with the same democratic buy-in.

In Stage A and Stage B, for $135, participants receive 20.000 chips at the start and play up to 20% of the remaining ones, going through Day 1A with their stacks, or they can go directly for $550 in the main Day 1A, getting a starting stack of 100.000 in chips. A similar Maine broke all attendance records in May. In total, 499 entries were made, the prize fund was $226.000, and the champion of the tournament was Peter Rudnev, who took with him the first prize of $50.000.

Online satellites at Grompoker will of course also run for the main event with a $550 entry fee. The raffle will include not only tickets, but also packages with accommodation.

$25.000 guarantee.

The two-day opening tournament in the progressive knockout format with an excellent structure and a modest buy-in of only $170 is an excellent warm-up event at the start of the series. Please note that there are three input flights in total in this event, the stacks are summed up! Remember, in the combined final day, you will have a stack made by adding the stacks you filled in on entry days 1A, 1B, and 1C.

There are always more than 250 entries in this tournament, and the payout for the top 1 in it is around $8.000.

X EVENT $260/$ 100.
$40.000 guarantee.

Stack 20,000/100,000, levels of 20/30 and 40 minutes.
That's right, this is the most expensive tournament in the series, and these are the High Rollers. Stage 1 will also have a democratic buy-in of $260 for those who find it overwhelming to enter the main day. Players on Day 1 receive 20.000 chips and play up to 20% of the participants, after which they move to the main Day 1 with the collected stacks. The main change in the structure is the absence of Day 2 with a buy-in of $1100, but the first two levels will be available for late registration on the final day.

Grompoker will hold online satellites with guaranteed tickets and packages, there will also be enough satellites on the site itself. The same High Roller tournament in May was submitted to our regular guest from Ukraine - Richard Neumann, who received $17.000 for the victory.

RUSSIAN POKER OPEN $125/$200/$440.
$30.000 guarantee.

Stack 15.000/40.000/100.000, levels of 15/20/30 and 40 minutes.
The return of the cult Russian Poker Open tournament to the schedule, also in an updated format. A two-day tournament replacing the Superstack Event. The main day buyin is $440 for 100.000 chips, but all players have the option to qualify for as little as $125 or $200 (starting stacks of 15.000 and 40.000, respectively) while maintaining their full stack.

More than 150 entries were in this tournament in May, Sergey Onoprienko won and received more than $11.000 in prize money for the first place.

$20.000 guarantee.

The stack is 50.000, the levels are 25 and 30 minutes.
The tournament in this format has been an integral part of the Russian Poker Tour schedule for several seasons in a row.
Monster Event is an "improved" version of the classic Turbo Deepstack format with more than double the starting stack. And now it is also in the progressive knockout format, perfect for those who were unlucky in the opening tournament.

Israeli Idan The One won the tournament in May for $5.290.

$25.000 guarantee.

Stack 50.000, levels for 20 minutes.
Tournament named after our Israeli partners. We'll have to try to win it. A whole army of dozens of Israeli poker players will fight for the cup. The structure of this event is in the name itself, a deep starting stack of 50.000 chips and smooth levels of 20 minutes - everything to enjoy the game in a comfortable and measured environment. Many Israeli players take part in this tournament.

It is symbolic that in May the Israeli Oron ben Shimon won this tournament, adding $7.800 to his bankroll.

$30.000 guarantee.

Stack 25.000, levels of 30 minutes.
One of the most popular side events. The most "juicy" knockouts lurked in this very tournament. Super knockout in progressive format, approaching the logical outcome of the tournament, the player turns into a real target with a huge bounty for knocking him out, which only adds action to the game. The final table will be played out the next day. In May, this tournament had 155 entries, and the champion received a payout of $13.450.

$20.000 guarantee

The stack is 20.000. Levels of 25 minutes.
One of the most popular RPT tournaments for people who are as immune to external stimuli as possible. The tournament itself will be in Progressive Knockout and IronMan format, with no breaks until the final table. And, finally, the most important "trick" - the final table will be held in special, most unusual conditions. If you are not ready to play under pressure, then it is better to refrain from participating in this event.
Nikolai Nikonovich from Minsk won this tournament during the first Russian-Israeli series and earned $7.400.

$15.000 guarantee.

Stack 50.000. Levels for 30 minutes.
Closing tournament of the 2021 Grand Final. A classic knockout tournament, of course, in a progressive format. The last day of the series, a relaxed and pleasant environment, and a fight for the remaining champion trophy.

$15.000 guarantee.

Stack 50.000. Levels for 30 minutes.
Closing tournament of the 2021 Grand Final. A classic knockout tournament, of course, in a progressive format. The last day of the series, a relaxed and pleasant environment, and a fight for the remaining champion trophy.

$8.000 warranty.

Stack 15.000. Levels for 20 minutes.
An excellent and interesting tournament for beginners and those who are just taking their first steps in poker.
The affordable buy-in is an interesting format - a great opportunity to touch the world of poker and feel its atmosphere.


As part of the series, three Omaha tournaments will take place at once - two events with a buy-in of $120+80 and progressive knockouts, as well as the International Championship in the classic knockout format. This championship was added to the schedule at the request of Israeli players and will be held with a buy-in of $150+100.

$5.000 guarantee.

The Chinese Poker Tournament and its long awaited return to the schedule. Many players asked us to return it, we went to a meeting and added your favorite "pineapple". Everything for exotic lovers, the tournament will be held with a buy-in of only $200.


The November Grand Final of the RPT & IPC Tour will take place within the usual walls of the Opera casino in the luxurious Beijing Hotel. The record low cost of living has also been preserved, and a comfortable double room in Beijing will cost you only $76/day. Such prices were only in the RPT series. It will be enough just to walk down from your room at the Opera Casino - and you are already in the epicenter of poker battles. And before the game, you can gain strength in the magnificent spa complex of the hotel.

An alternative option, just slightly inferior in comfort, is the Willing hotel, located within walking distance from the Opera Casino. Here the cost of accommodation will be only $45/day.

Important to remember!
Due to the many Israeli players who will be booking hotel rooms very soon, it is almost 100% likely that there will be no vacant rooms by the start of the series. Dear players, please make your hotel reservation in advance.


The conditions are simple:

You play:
5 hours / day.

You get:
At the limit of $1/3 - accommodation at the "Willing" hotel - 2 participants per room.
At the limit of $5/5 - accommodation at the "Willing" hotel - 1 participant per room,
or in the hotel "Beijing" - 2 participants per room.
At the limit of $5/10 - accommodation in the hotel "Beijing" - 1 participant per room.

*The minimum length of a cash promotion is 3 nights.
*Number of rooms is limited.
*Cash packages must be issued before the start of the series


How to bypass the mandatory 10-day quarantine, arriving from the countries of the "red zone", as well as assistance in crossing the border by car.

The situation with the borders is gradually returning to normal, air traffic has already been fully restored to Belarus from Russia, the price tags for tickets have dropped significantly. The railway communication between Russia and Belarus works in the same mode. Recently, the Lastochka high-speed train was launched between Moscow and Minsk with tickets for only $25. 7 hours - and you are already in the capital of Belarus.

But still, in order not to serve the mandatory 10-day quarantine, arriving from the countries of the red zone, you need to make a special invitation for temporary entry into the Republic of Belarus. Its cost is 22 euros - especially for RPT guests. To do this, you need to contact the administrator by contact, listed below, and inform the planned dates of your arrival in Belarus. The process of making an invitation takes 3 days and is sent to your mail. You print it out and take it with you, along with a negative PCR test.

For citizens of the Russian Federation, crossing the border by car or bus, you need to have a document confirming the purpose of leaving the Russian Federation, and this can be: an employment contract, treatment in Belarus and for family reasons.

In order to receive an invitation, as well as to consult in detail on the issue of crossing the border, contact our administrator by phone +380637265269 (Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp).


The 2021 Grand Final is a big poker holiday in Minsk again. All those who were at the May stage can confirm that nowhere are there such soft and light compositions. And given the fact that even more Israelis will arrive in November, a sea of action will be guaranteed to all participants in the 2021 season series.

Come play quality and atmospheric poker in Minsk from 15 to 23 November.

*It is important for everyone to know!

- According to the laws of the Republic of Belarus, entrance to the casino is strictly with a passport and 21+.
- There is NO 13% tax on prize money, as all tournaments will be held within the walls of the casino.
- Payment of prize money is possible only upon presentation of a passport!
- The official languages for the series are Russian and English.
- Tickets won again in online satellites can be used as tournament money for the series.
- Tournament buyins are indicated in US dollars.

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